Hacked by Big Corporations, America’s Civil Justice System Has Crashed

America’s civil justice system has been corrupted by corporations and no longer protects average Americans from the countless non-stop thefts of their money, time, and privacy.

Reboot Required: The Civil Justice System Has Crashed shows how business goliaths sponsored a fifty-year campaign to reprogram the nation’s civil laws and judicial procedures to favor corporations and the elites.

The report details the most common costly and abusive tactics that consumers face in the U.S. marketplace, against which they have virtually no legal rights or remedies. It chronicles how corporations seized control of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches beginning in the 1970s to erode landmark consumer protection laws and block the passage of badly needed new ones, crippling the class action system and stripping Americans of their cherished right to their “day in court” and trial by jury.

The Represent Act is a detailed blueprint for the restoration of the civil justice system, in the form of a model state consumer protection law.


Reboot Required

The Civil Justice System has crashed.


The Represent Act

A Model State Consumer Protection Statute

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